Beach Boys Tribute Band: The Landsharks

The Landsharks are the Premier Beach Boys Tribute Band, in the world!
The Landsharks have opened up for The Beach Boys in concert, and play all over the world!

Are you ready to have "
Fun, Fun, Fun," feeling those "Good Vibrations," in "Kokomo" and to go "Surfin' U.S.A.", with a "Surfer Girl" named "Barbara Ann" in a "Little Deuce Coupe?" If so, then The Landsharks  are the band for you!
A Landsharks Beach Boys Tribute concert is fun and interactive and full of those great Beach Boy harmonies, along with great musicianship and showmanship!

Listen to The Landsharks singing and playing
Beach Boys Songs,
HERE Free!

Gary Roland, of Landsharks, is pictured above with Mike Love of The Beach Boys.
Gary Roland, of Landsharks, is pictured above Jimmy Buffett, at Margaritaville.
Landsharks have performed AT THE SUPER BOWL for NBC TV.

Come see The Landsharks Band, in concert!

The Landsharks Band VIDEO AND AUDIO

Landsharks are FUN!

The Landsharks can also play a

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Fins up, Surfs up!